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    1. Just Fundraising (0/174) / 0
      Fundraising made quick and simple at the most competitive price. Best fundraising ideas and fundraiser products for school fundraising, church fundraising, little league fundraising, soccer or cheerleading fundraiser and other fundraising activities. [broken link]

    2. Poverty Eradication India (0/88) / 0
      Our mission is to reach out to eradicate poverty in India through sustainable empowerment of the poor. Charity donations are exempt from tax, so help us realize the goal of poverty free India. [broken link]

    3. Leahy War Victims Fund (0/82) / 0
      USAID’s Leahy War Victims Fund (LWVF) has aided civilian victims of conflict in war-affected developing countries around the world including those living with disabilities. [broken link]

    4. Donate my car to charity (0/79) / 0
      National Charity Services dedicated to the helping organizations create, implement, and manage Donate a car to charity programs all across the US. [broken link]

    5. Charity Work (0/78) / 0
      Make a difference. Take the opportunity to do Christian missionary work in an orphanage by taking a trip to Africa to work with kids and teach them the Bible. You can also help sponsor a child by giving a Charitable donation without leaving your own home. [broken link]

    6. Church Fundraiser (0/75) / 0
      50/50 Charity-Choice Gift Card - 50% discount for your fund raiser. Half to your organization and half to be designated by the gift card recipient, to one of over 75 major charities. 100% tax deductible for your supporters. [broken link]

    7. Donate Auto to Charity (0/72) / 0
      Car donation to help dozens of children's charities. Donate your used car or vehicle in the New York, Chicago, or New Jersey areas. [broken link]

    8. High School Fundraisers (0/66) / 0
      Lots of fundraising ideas for school fundraisers and high school fundraiser events - Find fundraising companies and fund raiser products, plus tips on organizing raffles and silent auction fundraisers - Free grant writing tips to help get school grants. [broken link]

    9. Event Online (0/62) / 0
      EventsBot offers free online event registration services. Now you can create you events for free and promote them. You can also sell tickets online and collect payments by using EventsBot's online event registration service. [broken link]

    10. Free Grants Today (0/58) / 0
      Contains grant resources from the private sector and the government. [broken link]

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