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    1. Leger des Heils - Groningen (35/87) / 0
      Dutch website of the Salvation Army from Groningen in the Netherlands. In dutch we called the Salvation Army, Leger des Heils. You will find here informmation about our church and as well what we do normally. [broken link]

    2. Indian astrology and horoscope (1/94) / 0 provides indian astrology readings vedic horoscope 2008 horoscope Indian horoscope jyotish consultation and horoscope matching by expert Indian astrologers [broken link]

    3. Mormonism Disproved (1/75) / 0
      Provides arguments challenging the legitimacy of the Mormon religion using the Bible, the Book of Mormon, statistical analysis and common sense. Shows how the Mormon beliefs are incompatible with the Book of Mormon. The webmaster invites comments and challenges via email. [broken link]

    4. Guided Meditation Techniques (1/69) / 0
      This extensive spiritual website presents the pragmatic teachings of an enlightened master of our times, Anandmurti Gurumaa. It features the largest online shopping store for cds and cassettes of guided meditation techniques and soothing instrumental music for relaxation. [broken link]

    5. Sikh Hukamnama and Sikhism (1/53) / 0
      Read and listen today Hukamnama from Golden Temple Amritsar.More about Sikh Guru and Sikhism. [broken link]

    6. Psychic Reading Advice (0/75) / 0
      What's your sign? Learn about your own horoscope and personality. As well as other interesting facts about astrology. [broken link]

    7. 12 Astrology Zodiac Signs (0/68) / 0
      What does your astrology sign say about you? Find compatible astrology zodiac signs. Learn about the 12 sun zodiac signs; character descriptions, Which sign rules your life. Compatible marriage signs. [broken link]

    8. Spiritual Growth Magazine (0/67) / 0
      A new age magazine for modern man who wishes to enjoy life at its fullest, one who wishes to be free from clutches of religion, dogmas, societial conditionings and wishes to soar in inner skies. Soul curry is a contemporary magazine which brings forth a new vision to see things and understand our body, mind, consciousness in and out. [broken link]

    9. Psychic Reading (0/66) / 0
      Psychics give free psychic readings via phone psychics,psychic chat,email psychics and 22 free psychic oracles online. [broken link]

    10. manifest with god (0/63) / 0
      Manifesting with god - How to Manifest with God and Co-Create with the Divine, Free Manifesting eCourse and Law of Attraction eBooks [broken link]

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