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    1. Wind Energy (0/73) / 0
      or power is the newest way to generate energy without running up an electrical bill. With the use of a generator, the use of wind can power businesses, schools or even one's home! [broken link]

    2. (0/73) / 0
      , . , . [broken link]

    3. Testwall Test & Measurement (0/72) / 0
      We offer a wide selection of used and refurbished test & measurement equipment from manufacturer’s like Agilent/HP, Tektronix, Anritsu, Rohde & Schwarz, Fluke, Keithley and JDSU/Acterna [broken link]

    4. Buy HGH (0/71) / 0
      Information and articles on human growth hormone. [broken link]

    5. Electronic scrap (0/71) / 0
      We collect all kinds of E Waste for recycling, such as old computers, scrap laptops computers, non working monitors and non working cell phones, help us save the planer by recycling. [broken link]

    6. Astrology (0/69) / 0
      Astrology is the study of cosmic events, heavenly cycles, and celestial bodies as they relate to a person’s affairs, personality, compatibility with others, and general everyday happenings. [broken link]

    7. Numerology (0/68) / 0
      Numerology is the method of trying to foretell the future, and interpreting dates and names into important numbers that are indicative of an individual’s personality, character traits, and history. [broken link]

    8. Petrographic microscopes (0/66) / 0
      Ore Microscopes .com is your source for microscopes with the ability to view thick polished rock and mineral specimens under polarized light. A standard polarizing microscope has the ability for only transmitted polarized light, meaning the light must go through the rock and mineral thin section. If the ore sample is thick and opaque, then no light will transmit, so it must be viewed with reflected incident illumination. An ore microscope has the ability to view the birefringent mineral specimen in reflected polarized light. Our ore microscopes also have the added feature of using transmitted polarized light such as used in a polarized light microscope. Rock and mineral identification requires polarized light, and specifically, the ability to initially polarize the incoming light with a polarizer, then, before the eyepieces, run the light beam through a second polarized filter called an analyzer. The angle of rotation of the polarizer and analyzer in an ore microscope is measured, and can be turned 90 degrees for cross polarization at the extinction angle. Our ore microscopes have all the necessary features including a Bertrand lens, polarizer, analyzer, compensator plates, transmitted polarized light and reflected polarized light. We recommend you to contact our technical sales staff for answers to your questions about ore and polarized light microscopes. [broken link]

    9. Low Pressure Moulding (0/66) / 0
      Innovative composites design, engineering and manufacturing solutions. Express Composites Group has extensive experience of working with a range of composite materials, using carbon, glass and other reinforcements. [broken link]

    10. AIDS (0/65) / 0
      Miracle.US is a peace web site. It is developed for the benefit of humanity, AIDS Charity and more. The mission of Miracle.US is to spread peace, happiness and financial freedom. [broken link]

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