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    1. Easy Conversions (0/1088) / 0
      The most comprehensive site for conversions between various units of measurement. You can convert between units of length, area, volume, weight, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time and information. All the conversions pages are translated into multiple languages. [broken link]

    2. Polarizing microscopes (0/305) / 0
      Polarizing Microscopes .com is your location for a huge variety of polarizing light microscopes. Features include plane polarized transmitted light and cross polarized transmitted light, complete with Bertrand lens and compensator plates such as quartz wedge, mica, and gypsum. They have both a polarizer and an analyzer that can be turned to the extinction angle to view rock and mineral thin sections under crossed polarization. These are great for mineral identification in geological laboratories and petrology departments. Whatever your needs are in polarized light microscopy, please give us a call to assist you with a solution. [broken link]

    3. Discount Microscope Store (0/299) / 0
      Microscope Universe provides all you need in a microscope store. We are a full service microscope dealer, providing a huge selection of optical microscopy equipment for universities, health clinics, high school biology labs, and industrial and manufacturing quality control inspection. We have research grade and student grade biological microscopes, stereoscopic low power microscopes, boom stand microscopes for circuit board repair and inspection, metallographic microscopes, polarized light microscopes, and more! We do microscope repair and service for our line of optical equipment. As a full service microscope dealer, we also provide technical support both before and after the sale. Call us today for details on how our microscopes are precisely what your application needs. [broken link]

    4. Matco Failure Analysis (0/298) / 0
      Matco Associates, Incorporated, is an independent materials testing, consulting and engineering firm. We offer a broad range of services including failure analysis; corrosion testing and materials engneering. [broken link]

    5. Solar Panels and Solar Cells (0/291) / 0 Cheap Solar Panels and Solar Cells directly from the manufacturer. We publish daily solar panel industry news and technology reviews. Also you can find numerous product reviews on different solar panel brands. [broken link]

    6. Boom stand mounted microscopes (0/281) / 0
      Boom Microscopes provides a great selection of boom stand mounted microscopes. Our prices are much lower than other dealers, yet the stereoscopic optics provides great quality. Boom microscopes are used for repairing and examining circuit boards, surface mount devices (SMD), watch and jewelry repair, and forensic document examination. They are also used for engraving and get fitted with a headrest. We can also fit microscope camera equipment on the trinocular ports of the stereoscopic heads. The cameras can be connected via USB to a computer for image capture. In addition to boom microscopes, we sell other types of microscopes such as biological compound, metallurgical, forensic comparison, and dissecting microscopes. [broken link]

    7. Fossilized Dominican Amber (0/279) / 0
      AmberDepot provides the largest selection of fossil amber on the Internet. We have been a top seller of fossil insects in amber for many years. We sell both retail and wholesale to customers around the world. We low cost pieces for kids, medium quality collectable pieces for those into paleoentomology, and museum grade extremely rare fossil amber specimens. Our website offers a huge selection of fossil specimens. Select from amber with insects, barren polished amber stones, rough amber, amber for carving, blue amber, green amber, and amber in wholesale quantities. Our prices are unbeatable. We personally photograph the fossil insect specimens under a microscope to show you how well preserved these ancient treasures are. Enjoy the amazing beauty of these fossilized stones. We also sell the microscopes that are needed to view the insects trapped in the amber stones. [broken link]

    8. Good site (0/277) / 0
      Great looking site so far!! I'm just starting to look around it but I love the title page! Please visit my homepage too: [broken link]

    9. Quality Microscope Store (0/262) / 0
      TrueVision Microscopes is a microscope brand you can trust for pre-sales technical questions, great discount sale price, after-sale microscope support, and if needed, superb microscope service and microscope repair. We are a professional microscope store with a full technical support staff available to assist you with your microscopy application. We provide high quality compound light microscopes for biological, medical, educational, laboratory research, medical student, home school, and clinical use. We also provide low power stereoscopic zoom and fixed magnification dissecting microscopes for use with entomology, dissecting, high school and university level biology, coin collecting, and circuit board repair. We provide specialty microscopes such as polarizing, metallurgical-metallographic, ore, forensic comparison, darkfield live blood, and fluorescence. Contact us about our microscope accessories including our popular line of digital USB computer connected microscope cameras for capturing digital still and digital video on your pc! [broken link]

    10. Discount microscopes (0/258) / 0
      Bargain microscopes provides great value microscopy items at reasonable prices. We carry the same microscopes that the big name brand microscope companies sell, but we sell them as generics and pass the savings to you. Our scopes are great for those on a budget, such as for educational or student use, but still needing quality microscopy equipment. Our wide selection of discount microscopes will fit most optical needs. We have biological compound microscopes for high power magnification as needed to view prepared microscope slides and tissue sections. We have stereoscopic low power microscopes for entomology, coin collecting, circuit board repair, biology class dissecting, and field nature trip. We also have digital USB computer connected camera equipment for interfacing the microscope with the pc. [broken link]

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