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    1. Specialty Microscopes (0/90) / 0
      Specialty Microscopes provides various kinds of specialized microscopes at competitive prices. We can not only offer you quality microscopes but huge savings as well because of our direct factory relations. Our primary belief is in the essence of discovery. Your curiosity can now be explored to its depths with the science supplies featured here in Specialty Microscopes. [broken link]

    2. Cordless Microscopes (0/81) / 0
      Our new way of creating a one of kind information gathering over the Internet is what sets us apart from any other websites in the whole World Wide Web. [broken link]

    3. general psychology (0/74) / 0
      All about psychology:social,educational,environmental,mental and medical health [broken link]

    4. Psychic Training Course (0/74) / 0
      The Psychic Training Course is a website dedicated to helping people learn how to develop their psychic abilities and empower themselves to discover the latent psychic powers they have inside themselves. [broken link]

    5. Computational Thermodynamics (0/73) / 0
      Calculation of phase diagrams using the CALPHAD approach. General information about the fields of computational thermodynamics and computational kinetics. Examples of practical applications in metallurgical engineering. [broken link]

    6. Bargain Microscopes Site (0/71) / 0
      Everyone wants a bargain and here at, we only provide you with the best buys in the market! And how do we do this? By making sure that not only do we serve you with the lowest prices in microscopes, but more importantly, we guarantee only the highest quality of microscopes for you! In addition to this, our microscopes and microscope accessories come with excellent customer service that makes customers keep coming back for more! [broken link]

    7. Satellite FTA Support Forum (0/70) / 0
      We support Free to Air satellite Receivers such as Viewsat, Coolsat, Sonicview, Nfusion, Pansat, and more. We have the Latest nagra2 autoroll bins, FTA Keys, FTA Files, Instructions, and 24 hour FTA Support for ALL major brands of Receivers available on our FTA Forum. [broken link]

    8. Doctors quiz (0/65) / 0
      Quiz site for physicians, medical residents, interns, and students to help study for board exams and maintain their current knowledge. all services are free and our community also offers a blog, current news, and useful information for all medical professionals. [broken link]

    9. Metric Conversion Calculator (0/62) / 0
      Here you find metric conversion calculators to convert between different units of measurement using the metric, british/american, avoirdupois systems, but also more exotic systems like japanese, ancient greek, biblical and old swedish measures. [broken link]

    10. General Psychology (0/57) / 0
      All about psychology: social,economic,environmental,educational,medical and mental health [broken link]

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