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    1. Fossil Information (0/81) / 0
      Fossils-rocks-minerals is an information site focusing on different types of fossils and the locations where they are found.. Fossils are widely collected for their aesthetic and scientific value. They are used to determine the age of the layer of rocks. For more information visit [broken link]

    2. NLP Training (0/68) / 0
      UK-based NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Courses and Training for individuals and business with Infinite Excellence. [broken link]

    3. Globalwarming Awareness2007 (0/67) / 0
      Global warming news, information and more. Visit Globalwarming Awareness 2007 and find useful articles related to the effects of global warming in the population and the environment. [broken link]

    4. TSL - Social Dynamics (0/63) / 0
      TSL Teaches you the art of attraction, how to approach a girl, attract girl, meet girls [broken link]

    5. Law Enforcement Workshops (0/63) / 0
      We offer the most unique Law Enforcement Workshops that are available anywhere. Our workshops blend what really happens on the street with the applicable current law from an “ex-cop’s” perspective. [broken link]

    6. (0/59) / 0
      Online resource and guide to mastering public speaking and presentation skills. Learn how to make your speech effective, add humor to your speech and connect with your audience. [broken link]

    7. Submit Music at IGiggIt! (0/59) / 0
      IGiggIt! brings the internet audience directly to independent music artists. IGiggIt! allows users to share, comment and vote on their favorite music, as submitted by independent artists. [broken link]

    8. Free Handwriting Analysis (0/57) / 0
      Offer best free basic handwriting analysis, amazing face reading, online dating tips & personality profiling tests by handwriting analyst. Get handwriting samples for analysis of handwriting. Determine your personality type by free handwriting analysis. [broken link]

    9. Wrong Society (0/55) / 0
      Site is substantiating the fundamental problems of our modern society and provides a collection of online links to support the argument [broken link]

    10. Brain Exercises (0/50) / 0
      For a younger, more active brain, get the Neuroactive Program, a revolutionary program design and used by doctors for an healthy balanced life. Make your brain 10 years younger and see the results in your everyday life! [broken link]

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