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    1. Al's Bargain Place (1/98) / 0
      advertising and information blogs [broken link]

    2. 100% El oCio Que BuScaS (1/58) / 0
      entretenimiento, curiosidades, noticias, humor, juegos, videos, descargas. 3gp, mp3, peliculas online, wallpapers, fondos [broken link]

    3. (0/99) / 0
      Personal blog. On the blog you find the latest events and a lot of news. Zorin also known as srn is a well known event host. [broken link]

    4. Pierre's Lab (0/90) / 0
      Home Automation and VoIP Blog. blog to talk about my Home Automation System. [broken link]

    5. AdminSpy Tech News and Reviews (0/80) / 0
      AdminSpy feautures software, hardware and gaming news. We also have a gaming section with gaming news and game reviews. The Gadgets section is probably the most popular one because it features latest gadgets and gizmos, news and reviews. Topics covered are: laptops, digital cameras, hardware, audio and gps devices, cell-phones and bluetooth headsets [broken link]

    6. single me (0/79) / 0
      short stories and personal writings with complimenting photo galleries that are about me or my perspective. this site is dedicated to being an outlet for my soul and record of my thoughts/travels/dreams. it describes who i am and what i am about. it is a continuously updated blog i control. [broken link]

    7. Nederman blog (0/75) / 0
      Thomas Nederman blog and homepage where thomas talks about his interest of internet development and traveling and other interesting topics [broken link]

    8. Huipu general reviews (0/73) / 0
      Huipu covers reviews, articles and resources on various topics like wedding, webmastering, home, health, tech etc.. find best ideas of marketing or tips to decorate your home in a all in one blog! [broken link]

    9. Huipu general reviews (0/71) / 0
      huipu is a general blog which offers various topic, wide range of topics including arts, ads, media, movie, marketing, home, health and the niche you're interested in. [broken link]

    10. up to me (0/69) / 0
      Personal Blog Talk Everything [broken link]

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