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    1. fishing net chemicals (0/119) / 0
      We manufacture and supply quality softening agents, bonding agents, cleaning agents to Nylon nets, Nylon monofilament nets, fishing net Industries [broken link]

    2. Chemical Import company India (0/108) / 0
      Global sourcing and indenting company for import and export of chemicals from China, India, US, and Europe. International sourcing company, indenting agent for Chemicals based in India with offices in China, Dubai, Sourcing of Chemicals, Polymers, Papers, Indenting agents, Chemical Import and Export, Chemical Import company India, Chemical Importers, Chemical Sourcing India, chemical indenting agent company, chemical import export company, Import and Export, chemicals company, chemical sourcing china, dubai etc [broken link]

    3. Vibgyor Chemtex International (0/106) / 0
      Manufacturer and exporter of dyes, pigments, intermediates and specialty chemicals including acid dyes, azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, M dyes, H dyes, HE dyes, ME dyes, VS dyes, food colour, textile products from vibgyor chemtex international, Ahmedabad, India. [broken link]

    4. (0/100) / 0
      Manufacturer of phthalocyanine pigment, copper salts, pigment blue, pigment green 7, ingrain blue 5, metal phthalocyanine crude blue, phthalocyanine derivatives including cuprous chloride, cupric chloride anhydrous by Narayan Organics in India. [broken link]

    5. (0/90) / 0
      China chemicals directory, offering information of China chemical manufacturers and suppliers, news of chemical industry. [broken link]

    6. Calcium Bromide CaBr2 (0/88) / 0
      White in its solid form and clear when found as a liquid, calcium bromide is odorless whether as a solid or as a liquid. Check this website to learn more about calcium bromide (CaBr2). [broken link]

    7. Lovson Exports Ltd (0/86) / 0
      Offers engineering products, engineering services, chemicals, packaging products and general merchandise products by Lovson in India. [broken link]

    8. Orissa Tour Operator (0/85) / 0
      Manufacturers and suppliers of drilling fluids, oil drilling fluids and chemicals exporters from India. [broken link]

    9. Calcium Chloride Flakes (0/83) / 0
      What is calcium chloride? Read more about liquid cacl2 here: Ward Chem is a calcium chloride supplier. Ward Chemical is the largest producer of calcium chloride in Western Canada [broken link]

    10. Indian Chemical Industries (0/83) / 0
      Manufacturer and exporter of dyes, pigments, reactive dyes, organic pigments, dyestuff, fast salt, ingrain dyes, plastisol inks, pigment preparation for textile application, printing inks, plastics, rubbers, paints, coating, allied products in India. [broken link]

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